Microcomputer controlled Dry boxes LE750,Camera and Photo

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Key Features

Key Features

Microcomputer controlled Dry boxes LE-750














Display Method

It duel-display humidity and temperature with the touch- sensitive membrane switch as a function setting.

It also can be set the humidity range 20%RH~65%RH with memory card during circuit breakdowns , re-set system is not required, and with the keys lock function.

Control Method

It controls by microcomputer and maintain the humidity on ±2%RH precisely.

Humidity detection

It uses sensors made in Switzerland and it has been widely utilized in professional fields of temperature and humidity.


Dehumidifying main equipment

We are using the latest technology of semiconductor wafers dehumidification of our research development, design and manufacture. We also have a powerful dehumidification capacity and stability dehumidification capacity and stability dehumidification with a low power, low voltage, voltage regulator circuit system, free pour, no supplies, no chemicals, no heater, no anti-surge and no dripping. Our host chassis uses Anti-flammable materials made of ABS with international certificate.

Dehumidifying capability

Dehumidifier 20%RH , empty 70% RH〜40% RH for about three hours, fast model 70%RH~40%RH about 30 minutes.







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